San Diego, California, is home to So Cal Urban Farms, which specializes in the Tower Garden® vertical aeroponic growing system, food production, and education about healthy growing and food safety. A profound link exists between better health and eating more fruits and vegetables, so finding ways to grow your own can have a beneficial impact on overall health. So Cal Urban Farms also promotes water conservation, sustainability, and resource protection by utilizing a patented, advanced technology vertical aeroponic growing system—the Tower Garden® by Juice Plus®. So Cal Urban Farms takes pride in being environmentally responsible by using growing systems that do not use soil, consume 98% less water than conventional gardening, grow abundant and accelerated produce 30-50% faster than in soil, while growing “beyond” organic. This allows more productivity using less resources and significantly less real estate—sustainability at its finest.

For questions, please contact us for seedlings we are currently growing by texting Farmer Joe at 619-218-1230!

In addition, So Cal Urban Farms’ 8 feet tall towers provide an ability to have locally grown produce of high quality that is nutrient-rich, flavorful, and safe. The Tower Garden® is made of a food-grade high-density polycarbonate that will not leach chemicals into the food or water, and is UV-protected to last many years in the sun. The towers are hollow and utilize an intermittent “rain” of nutrient water on a timer system which drastically reduces water usage and allows plant roots to benefit from more oxygen exposure. (Watch how it works here!)

So Cal Urban Farms is partnered with Chef Soichi of Soichi Restaurant, Soichi Sushi Authentic Japanese Omakase dining not only includes artistically presenting Japanese delicacies with proper balance, texture, temperature, and taste- it is an exquisite meal customized for each guest by Chef Soichi . Chef Soichi embodies the locavore movement using So Cal Urban Farms.

In order to inspire and encourage home gardeners, So Cal Urban Farms provides services and products for residential usage, including residential versions of the Tower Garden®, seedlings, and educational/instructional Socials where people can learn how to have a “farmer’s market” of their own in their back yard, patio, or balcony (please see our Events tab). So Cal Urban Farms will also work with chefs and business owners for planning urban community gardens, rooftop gardens, and commercial greenhouses.

On the charitable side of life, So Cal Urban Farms (SCUF) donates produce to feed the needy of San Diego. SCUF will continue to support non-profits and charitable organizations.

We would like to have a conversation with you about the Tower Garden® before you order to discuss specials and answer questions!

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Please for questions, contact us by texting Farmer Joe at 619-218-1230 for current seedling information!