Our Story!

Thanks to Tower Garden®, growing healthy, fresh produce at home has never been easier or more sustainable.

Joe Wesley (“Farmer Joe”) and and Paul Stricker, MD (“Dr. Paul”) are passionate about helping the planet and the people on it by having a positive impact on health and natural resources. Water conservation, food safety, food quality, land scarcity, and soil deprivation are all serious issues facing the world today. Making a dent in these concerns happens one person and one Tower Garden® at a time. Dr. Paul is a sports medicine physician who values the preventive health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables, and “Farmer Joe” is a retired real estate broker who feels urban developments and home owners can have “green” gardening which efficiently uses less space and resources.

It is great to have a beautiful way to grow produce vertically, but it feels even better to know we are making a difference for families and the environment in a sustainable way.

Please contact us by texting Farmer Joe at 619-218-1230 for current seedling information!

Are you ready to grow “UP”??

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