Grow Your Own Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Flowers

During these difficult times with COVID-19, we are working very hard to help everyone out with their seedling needs. The reason why we do not have a storefront set up on this website is because our inventory of seedlings fluctuates and changes by the minute. The vibrant seedlings grown for the Tower Garden® at So Cal Urban Farms are non-GMO and pesticide free. Contact us for seedlings we are currently growing by texting or calling 619-218-1230!
Price of seedlings which are picked up are $2.00 per seedling. We also ship seedlings at $2.75 per seedling. A minimum order is 12 seedlings in a set, for a total of $33.00 per set of 12 seedlings. Shipping is included in price. We ship to the Continental U.S. States only. We are here to help you during these trying times. We do not sell min eral nutrients, pH test kits, or solutions.

Examples of seedlings frequently grown at So Cal Urban Farms include: »

Gourmet lettuces (different varieties)
Mizuna (green & puple)
Mixed lettuces (different varieties)
Rainbow Swiss Chard
Bunching Onions
Italian Dandelion
Mustard Mix
Genovese Basil (seasonal)
Spicy Bush Basil (seasonal)
Lemon Basil (seasonal)
Lime Basil (seasonal)
Spinach (seasonal)
Wasabi Arugula
Kale (different varieties)
Collard greens
Tomatoes (different varieties, seasonal)
Cucumbers (different varieties)
Edible flowers: Nasturtiums & Violas
Parsley: Italian & Japanese

Please note: with COVID-19, increased seedling sales causes our inventory to fluctuate constantly.

Have a question about Tower Garden® seedlings? Please call or text
Farmer Joe at 619-218-1230. We are here to help you!

Want a head start on growing your Tower Garden® or replenish your current Tower Garden®? Please call or text 619-218-1230 for seedling information.

We would like to have a conversation with you about the Tower Garden® before you order to discuss specials and answer questions!

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