It’s time to grow “UP”!—Be a Locavore and grow a vertical farmer’s market for your own home, condo, or apartment

The Tower Garden® aeroponic vertical growing system is perfect for patios, decks, balconies, rooftops, driveways, small spaces, and other sunny areas. It is ADA-friendly, and easily accessible without much stooping or bending. Plants are grown from seed in rock fiber cubes (rockwool) and then transplanted into the hollow vertical towers, where they grow in an accelerated fashion. The plants are “ultimate organic” because there is no dirt, and everyone is in complete control of their own food safety. It works by a low-voltage pump pushing nutrient water up a hollow tube so it can rain down on the plant roots, stopping regularly on a timer to allow a period of oxygenation for faster and more abundant growth. People can enjoy the tasty produce of many kinds of vegetables, greens, fruits, and edible flowers right out their door. Most foods, except root vegetables, can be easily and efficiently grown in the Tower Garden®



We would like to have a conversation with you about the Tower Garden® before you order to discuss specials and answer questions!

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Please for questions, contact us by texting Farmer Joe at 619-218-1230 for current seedling information!